Our Mission

performanceAgents™ is a performance consulting, training and outsourcing company. We specialize in custom solutions that optimize human performance specifically within sales, service and support teams. 

Our diverse team of passionate people blend behavioral science (understanding how people behave) with instructional design (understanding how people learn) to create and sustain change within the human elements of your performance processes. 

Through behavioral analysis and knowledge mapping, we develop various best practice-based tools and processes from your top performers’ expertise that enable rapid knowledge transfer to under and average performers and new hires.

What does that mean to you? In short, we replicate top performers, we quantifiably improve productivity and service levels while decreasing time-to-proficiency, we create improved supervisory development skills through behaviorally-focused and aligned screening, training, QA, coaching and rewards processes, and we improve the relationships, engagement and morale of your entire team.