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Most mid-level supervisors in a “coaching” role have very limited knowledge of how to develop people, and little to no knowledge at all around how to facilitate behavior modification.  

Employers typically perpetuate this problem by taking top performing Supervisors, QA’s, and other top performing individual contributors, and promoting them into leadership roles. The reality however is that most people are not innately skilled at developing others, and simply being a top performer at the job function in question, does not mean they will be able to effectively transfer that knowledge to others.

Add to that the traditional executive focus on numbers and managements’ responding emphasis on productivity and the result is that traditional “coaching” interactions are more like quick feedback sessions aimed at pointing out what needs to be improved.  Few people in a coaching role have the ability to identify the specific behaviors that contribute to success, and even if they did, most don’t have any idea how to coach around how to get those behaviors repeated.

We take a developmental approach to coaching – focusing on how to build enthusiasm and energy through modeling and praise, how to encourage people along a career path, and how to pinpoint and improve opportunity areas. And we focus on coaching against specific best practice behaviors that we know lead to the desired outcomes on the call. 

performanceAgents™ can help you build a better coaching process based on a developmental approach:

  • We will review your entire coaching structure, roles and responsibilities.
  • We focus on the essential communication skills of each coach – and can teach them how to take a developmental approach to developing people and modifying behavior.
  • We will help you develop positive processes for correcting issues and tracking progress against action plans - making sure the coaching & development forms and conversations mirror the behaviors being taught and evaluated through training and monitoring.

We can teach your Coaches a simple, 6-step coaching process for developing their teams.

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