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Recognition and rewards programs are essential to the continuous development of a positive, productive team culture – helping to create balance between performance expectations and disciplinary processes.

Unlike traditional incentive thinking, we place significant emphasis not on recognizing and rewarding outcomes, like sales or CSAT scores, but on the behaviors that have been proven to consistently achieve desired outcomes.

How do we do that?  We base incentive elements on your top performers’ best practices – identifying and documenting the behavioral techniques, language usage, vocal delivery skills and process knowledge that have already proven to create consistent success with your customers.

By basing reward distribution on exhibition of desired behaviors, we provide people with an unparalleled understanding of exactly what activities will produce the outcomes you’re looking for - and when incentives are aimed at recognizing these behaviors, the likelihood that they will repeat those behaviors is exponentially increased, thus increasing the likelihood of more consistently achieving your desired outcomes.

We can help you better develop your people and your culture by building and implementing a best practice-based incentive program – a program that focuses on driving more frequent occurrence of the best practice behaviors that you already know lead to successful attainment of your desired outcomes.



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