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Monitoring Process Design
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Quantitative monitoring is what most QA’s are experienced with, although this approach traditionally focuses on identifying legal compliance, procedural compliance, systems entry errors, basic telephone etiquette and branding. While this is a needed function, it’s missing a huge component – evaluation of the quality of the human interaction with your customer.

Qualitative monitoring focuses on identifying if the individual is using the best practice behaviors known to improve the call and its outcomes. Because it focuses on the quality of the interaction itself, not the quality of completing the steps of job function, Qualitative monitoring also sets the stage for more meaningful coaching interactions and consequently, better service scores.

performanceAgents™ can help you build a better quality process based on a qualitative approach:

  • We will review your entire QA organizational structure, roles and responsibilities.
  • We look at how QA is defined, tracked and measured, as well as how QA issues are communicated to/from those involved.
  • We can help you develop positive processes for correcting QA issues through coaching and tracking progress against correction plans.
  • We will review your call-monitoring process and make suggestions for improvements around frequency, monitoring criteria, scoring, monitoring tools, corrective actions and incentives.

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