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QA Best Practices Training Manual or Training Workshop

If you’ve already documented your internal best practices, the next logical step is to ensure your QA team is aligned with the best practice implementation.  They should understand the call flow and should know how to monitor for usage of the best practices so they are one more instrument working to help agents continuously improve their interactions with customers.

We can incorporate your documented best practices into a Training Manual that will teach your QA team how to monitor with a qualitative emphasis, focusing on utilization and execution of the best practice behaviors, verbiages, vocal variances, techniques and mindsets. You can then use this tool as either a classroom training aid or as a self-study aid.

We can also incorporate your documented best practices into a facilitator-led, small-group workshop. One of our expert Trainers will teach your QA’s how to successfully monitor and score agents’ usage and delivery of the documented best practices.  We use a 3-part approach that consists of a one day group workshop, then ½ day per QA live job shadowing and feedback sessions, then ½ hour per QA via telephone several weeks after the workshop where we will individually address remaining questions, challenges and successes. (Max of 6 QA’s per Workshop).

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