Mystery Calling & Remote Monitoring

Mystery CallingThe Heart of Your World
Your contact center, whether a customer service, telesales, helpdesk or switchboard team, is the true heart of your company.  It is the face your customers “see” and you need to know, from an objective perspective, what level of service is being provided. 

What Can Mystery Calls & Remote Monitoring Do For You?
Mystery calls and Remote Monitoring provide you with critical information that enables you to boost your bottom-line.We evaluate those critical skills important to customer satisfaction and sales success, such as listening, problem-solving, product presentation and general professionalism. Since satisfied customers are loyal customers, every call is an opportunity to improve the face of your organization!

Mystery Calling also serves as an excellent 3rd party measure of the implementation of your best practice-based training. 

 Mystery Calling

 Remote Monitoring

Our callers pose as your existing or potential customers, using scripts you structure so our inquiries test the specific skill-sets you want to evaluate. Calls are made and recorded, during any hours of operation, and we provide you individual call analyses and an overall statistical analysis. Mystery Calling is excellent for checking satisfaction levels, testing outsourcing effectiveness, launching new products or cross-selling campaigns and incentive contests.  We dial into your system and monitor actual customer calls in order to provide detailed, real-time feedback. Calls are monitored during any hours of operation, are recorded on CD-ROM, evaluated and returned back to you. We can use your existing evaluation forms or our own. Statistical overviews can be provided weekly or monthly. Remote Monitoring is an excellent supplement to existing monitoring (as a calibration or check) or as your own outsourced Quality Assurance Department.

Our “controlled” calls and written analysis will provide you with the information you need to enhance customer satisfaction, improve agents’ performance, increase sales, track operational trends and identify training opportunities.

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