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Curriculum Development
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Our expert content development specialists and trainers have successfully helped organizations improve effectiveness of internal training programs by not only weaving the organization’s own best practices into new or existing training curriculums but by following sound instructional design and adult learning theories.

We use the ADDIE instructional design model which provides a step-by-step process to plan, create, implement, and evaluate training programs. Our team will not only work closely with your organization’s subject-matter experts to extrapolate the knowledge but will shadow and/or listen to your top performers to make sure that when the curriculum is developed, your top performer’s best practices are effectively incorporated.

In demonstrating our understanding of adult learners, we believe in building frequent interactive games and activities – because we know that the more time we have learners spend doing what we’re teaching, the greater their motivation and retention, and the faster their time-to-proficiency with the material.

Our team consists of content developers, instructional designers, performance improvement specialists, behavioral psychologists, trainers and project managers that are equipped to help you with a single aspect of your training or create an entire solution from start to finish. And we can deliver the training for you or we can train your trainers to deliver the training.


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