Custom e-Learning

As training innovators, we understand the importance of producing courses that not only follow sound instructional design, but also create a truly interactive experience that enhances learners’ retention of material, and speeds their time-to-proficiency in application.

Our proven design methodology ensures that courses we create for you achieve the desired learning objectives.

Courses and Simulations are modular in design and incorporate interactive exercises, games, animations and/or video, as well as audio, graphics and text. Learning checks are included at the end of each module and can include remedial paths or corrections. We develop either or both pre- and post-tests to assess comprehension.

Courses can be taken online, on CDROM or as part of a blended solution.

We can integrate them into your existing Learning Management System or include one for you as part of our total solution - so that metrics such as who took the course and how well they scored can be tracked and easily reported.

If your company has operations across the globe, we can help you localize content so its effectiveness transcends cultural, legal, and linguistic idiosyncrasies.

In short, performanceAgents’™ custom e-Learning development provides you with a powerful combination of state of the art technology and sound instructional expertise to dramatically improve your effectiveness at training employees across the globe while reducing costs.



Custom e-Learning

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